The collective force of the MSM have been working overtime around the clock to rubbish President Trump’s statement in regards to Hydroxychloroquine.  The louder the MSM cries that this drug is not a suitable potential cure for Coronavirus, the more we should research Hydroxychloroquine.  The audacious outright dismissal of the POTUS advice, in March where he mentioned that he latter anti-malaria drug appeared to have “tremendous promise” as a therapy for treating COVID-19 patients. He said it “could be a game-changer, and maybe not,” acknowledging that the jury was still out.

Cited in The Times, “Laboratory studies have found that they prevent the coronavirus from invading cells, suggesting that the drugs could help prevent or limit the infection.”  The Hill states, “Trump noted that the drug has been available for decades to treat malaria and thus its side-effects are well known. It is also inexpensive and available from numerous suppliers, all of which might recommend it to our pragmatic president.”

MSM has claimed that Trump will benefit financially from the sale of this drug if it becomes an established treatment for COVID-19.  This has been debunked by Snopes, “Trump’s financial stake in these companies is virtually negligible — contained indirectly via mutual funds — and administered through three family trusts he does not control. As a generic drug, hydroxychloroquine is unlikely to provide any one company with significant profits compared to other proprietary drugs.”

Is this the cure? Time will tell.


Grain Mart News reports, “Earlier this month, FDA authorized emergency use of HCQ to treat COVID-19 patients. Following this, the US is hoarding supplies of Hydroxychloroquine and stockpiled nearly 30 million HCQ pills. Nonetheless, aiding this intention is the Indian government following Trump’s retaliation scare. Meanwhile, US President officially is thankful to Prime Minister Modi for allowing the export of drugs amid the crisis.”



Countries Worldwide Prepare Using Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to Treat Coronavirus COVID-19


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