“We are fighting a war against an invisible enemy”

TV and online mainstream media output have pushed lie after lie upon the general public for as long as they have existed.  The elite and the obscenely wealthy families that own the worldwide dominating media corporations have an agenda and they will fight dirty to make sure the masses obey.  You will not question their narrative, if you do you are labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’.  Any opposing view, even if backed up with material proof will be labelled ‘bizarre’,  ‘right-wing’ or ‘ist’.

For those of us who have their eyes open it can be maddening to see their lies plastered over television news, online articles, Facebook posts and many more sources.  This cannot be allowed to continue.

We need sources that present the truth.  News is not a representation of the broadcasters political allegiance.  News should be presented in a factual, honest, unbiased and truthful manner.

PCBH aims to give you a portal to sources that represent a more factual and realistic assessment of what is going on in the world.  Through working together to spread the truth and expose the corruption and lies, we the people can be happy.

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